Rev. David Musgrave

It is proving to be quite a learning experience for me as “acting Superintendent” during Andy’s Sabbatical.  It has been good to get round the wider Circuit rather more than I usually do, hearing some of the stories of continuing and developing work in so many areas.  We are all understanding better the call to reach out into our communities: from the exciting prospects in the planned redevelopment work at Lambeth Mission and at Vauxhall,  to helping to welcome refugees as they continue to arrive in our part of the city.

All this helps us to think about the situation in which God has placed us.  We may have a sense of turbulence in the world around, seeing, as writers going back to the Psalmist have, that evil seems to triumph, that good and innocent people come to harm.  We may be concerned about personal or family relationships or ill health, or we may be focussed on the wider political uncertainties in our own country and in our relations with others, particularly our European friends and partners.  But as we look ahead, to tomorrow or next year, we can do so in the assurance of being part of God’s continuing purpose. God leads us through the troubled times in which we find ourselves, and constantly reminds us “Be not afraid”. 

I recently attended a leaders’ meeting of South London Citizens, at which we were looking ahead to how we might see ourselves as community and faith groups over the next 3, 5 and 10 years.  While we as a Circuit have been a member organisation for over two years now, not many of us are yet actively involved in Citizens activities.  The point about Citizens is that their agenda is set by the member Organisations.  So, while a lot of work has been happening already around affordable housing issues, the Grenfell Tower tragedy has brought home to us different aspects that we may need to work on in the future.  Whether you live in a tower block or other rented housing, or simply share the sense that we all are called to serve God in the city, why not have the conversations and see if there are particular issues on which our various community organisations could make common cause?

So we continue our journey of faith, “Marching in the light of God”, and continuing to trust in that Love that can never fail.