Rev. Lena Ali


At an Ecumenical Meeting, we had a discussion on the Healing Ministry.  We wondered  why some Churches in recent years have placed a renewed emphasis on Healing Ministry whilst other Churches seem skeptical.

Healing is part of the Church's mission and should be done in response to the Lord's commission to His disciples to 'preach the word and heal the sick'.  The New Testament records that Jesus Himself healed the sick and sent out His disciples on Ministries of Healing.  James (5:14–16a) calls us also to pray for and anoint the sick, that they may be healed.  The Church has always responded to caring for the sick and troubled in many ways... through pastoral care, prayer, the sacraments, spiritual gifts, deliverance ministries and fellowship.  James 5: 13—15 specifically speaks of calling for the elders of the Church to pray and anoint, suggesting a team ministry.  All healing comes from God and the Healing Ministry often compliments the gifts God gives through medicine and other therapies.

Years ago, I was critically ill and  the Professor told me to ask my Minister to pray for me.  People were already praying for me worldwide; Christians and non- Christians.  It is difficult to explain  but I literally felt the power of those prayers and made a miraculous recovery.

God does not promise that we shall be spared suffering but does promise to be with us in our suffering.  Trusting that promise, we are enabled to recognize God's sustaining presence in pain, sickness and  injury.

Healing Services provide a channel in which healing takes place; with opportunities for confession, forgiveness and reconciliation with God.  It enhances physical; mental and spiritual health.  The main purpose of Spiritual healing is to renew and strengthen one's relationship with the living Christ.

Those who Minister Spiritual Healing are channels of God's love.  Prayers for healing, laying on of hands, anointing with oil, and holding someone's hand all show the power of touch, which plays a central role in the Healing Ministry.

On the day of Pentecost the Christians discovered that they were endowed by the Holy Spirit to continue the same work of healing and wholeness that Jesus practiced.

May God bless you all with healing and wholeness.