Brixton Hill Methodist Church

Brixton Hill Methodist Church                                       
Corner Elm Park & Brixton Hill
London SW2 2TX    

Pastoral Oversight:  Rev. Kristin Markay

Sunday Worship:  11:00 a.m.
Sunday School:     11:15 a.m. (2nd & 4th Sunday)

Bus Route:  57, 201, 333
Near Bus Routes:  109, 118, 133, 250, 319    

Direction:  See map below...



Sunday  6:00 p.m. Time to talk to God Bible Study  Brixton Hill Foyer       Rev. Musgrave
Tuesday 1:00 p.m.  Lunchtime Prayer Meeting     
Wednesday 2:00-4:00 p.m. Pop-In Club for Older People Kings Acre Hall Roberta Burke
Thursday 5:30-7:00 p.m. Girl's Brigade Explorer Kings Acre Hall  Kathy Rennalls 
Friday  11:00-1:00 p.m. Creative Card Making (1st & 3rd mnth) Kings Acre June Stillman 
  7:00 p.m. Worship Team - Prep for Sun Worship Brixton Hill Church  Janet Oppong
Saturday  10:00-11:30 a.m Cleaning Team Brixton Hill Church Abigail Crabbe



More than 20 years ago, a neighbour invited me to Church – “it’s just on the other side of the prison,” she said.  To be polite, I went.  Entering the Church she introduced me to a few people.  Members greeted me, shook my hands and some hugged me.  I felt welcome and comfortable so I continued attending as often as I could.  If I missed a couple of weeks, members would asked if I was sick, and that actually made feel valued.

Retiring from work was a bit daunting for me.  What will I do? how will I fill my days?, are questions that came to mind.  Time spent with the grandchildren wasn’t enough.  Then someone from Church told me there was a Senior Club that meets every Wednesday, that then, became a lifeline for me as I was able to  participate and help the less abled.

I started my faith journey with God when I was asked to be a Communion Steward.  I so looked forward doing that duty as other Stewards welcomed me and as time passed-by it was me who welcomed new Stewards.  God led me forward when I was invited to join the Prayer Group every Tuesday.  As always, I hesitated but always took my first step and everyone prayed that I would continue to fellowship with them.  The years went-by and I continued to nourish and strengthen my faith in Christ.  Becoming a Pastoral Visitor opened my heart and eyes to people who appreciated my visits and pray with them. 

The year 2017 was a traumatic year for us when my husband Tony fell ill.  The Congregation, the Ministers and different prayer groups kept us both ‘standing on the promises of God’.  My heart swelled with peace and now Tony’s health has improved, we have once again proved that with God nothing is impossible!

I deeply thank Rev. Musgrave for being sympathetic and supportive in prayer and care for me and my family in the difficult time of our lives.  His Pastoral care, concern and visit while Tony was ill carried us through, during those uncertain moments.  I thank God for Rev. David and his family for the years they were with us, short as it maybe, we will always remember his caring kindness, humility and pastoral care.  My prayer for him on his retirement is that God will bless him with peace and joy to continue serving our Lord wherever he will be.  We will miss you but we are happy for you as you take a step-back and enjoy your retirement.  We wish you God’s blessings & loving care!                                

Submitted by: Martha Dawson



We at Brixton Hill Church would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Minister the Rev. Kristin Markay and her family.

Here at BHMC we recently celebrated out Church Anniversary.  Thanks to Rev. Patrick Huntley – one of our previous Ministers who officiated at our Anniversary Service which was well received by those who attended.  Thanks to the hospitality group for our lovely cake.

     Submitted by: Yvonne Less


The days are getting longer and brighter heralding summer!

It is with sadness we say goodbye to our Minister, Rev. David Musgrave who is retiring and his wife Sarah.  In September, we will be welcoming Rev. Kristen Markay as our new Minister along with her family.

To our Worship group who work tirelessly behind the scenes to prepare  the pre-service songs etc. that help us to be prepared and centred for worship. This is much appreciated. They have also taken a few of the Services along with one our Ministers - this adds a new dimension to our worship.

We thank our hospitality group for their continued provision of refreshments (including gluten free alternatives) after our Sunday Service which our members use as a medium to get to know each other and at Circuit events held at our Church.

From our October attendance record, our Church attendance remains constant, with us continuing to welcome visitors. We now have Abena Agyemang and family who decided to make our Church their spiritual home and we warmly welcome them as part of our Church family.  May your faith be strengthened and nourished as you take your Christian journey with us.  We also have some adherents who expressed their interest in   Membership/Confirmation classes, which will start in May.

Circuit Easter Service was celebrated in the afternoon which included the acceptance of Nana Dorman as a Local Preacher was well attended. The Lent course was found to be interesting and thought provoking by those who participated.

Our new gate which will give us an entrance from Brixton Hill and Church sign is finally in place!  Thanks to Janet and Geertje for the sign’s design.  Once the gravel has been sorted, the gate will be utilised and will be able to have our Church’s coffee mornings again.

Our prayers are with the family of our Church members who have died and with others recently bereaved.  Let us continue to love, pray for and build each other.

Submitted by:  Yvonne Less



Each morning, I follow the same routine – I look out my window at the new day and say, “thank you Lord”.  Not a day goes past when I am not thankful for the new experiences I have ahead of me.  Some positive, others will challenge me, but each will make my faith and belief stronger.

I’ve been part of Brixton Hill Methodist Church since 2012.  Previously I attended Kings Acre Methodist Church.  I didn’t attend Church every week in my early adulthood.  My mum (Kathy), brought her grandchildren, Isaiah and Ilanah, most weeks and they enjoyed it.  My mum went on holiday for a few weeks and I made the decision that I wanted them to continue going to Church, to be around positive people who could show them the right way to follow the Lord.  I thought if I wanted that for them, then why not for me?  The answer was simple I should take them to Church.  I’ve never regretted that decision. 

Over the years of attending Church I’ve felt closer to the Lord, I want to serve Him and set an example to my children.

One week, when there was to be Sunday School, they were short of helpers and it was cancelled.  I saw the look of disappointment on my children’s faces and it did not seem right as it’s something that they, and other children, look forward to.  I decided I would like to be part of the Sunday School team to make sure that all children had a space they could worship in, in their own way and from then on up to now I am still helping in the Sunday School.  Here’s my challenge to members who think they are not equipped to help – pray about it and if God calls you and you think you are not qualified, He will qualify you!  Try Him and see how He will change your life…

In 2016 I joined the Compass course, exploring the bible in more detail, gaining a greater understanding about my faith and the Methodist Church and these had a very positive impact on me that I eventually decided to be confirmed in March 2016.  I am now a part of the hospitality team, doing different tasks which I actually find enjoyable – what a joy it is to serve my God through others.  I also helped with the last Robes project and I am looking forward to be a part of it again this year.

With these things, I believe I am setting a positive example for my children.  They jumped at the chance to learn how to use the overhead screen and computer, so they could contribute to the service - I feel so proud seeing them doing it. They go to YUW and look forward to it.

I am thankful for each experience I have had, I learn from every single one and they help develop and strengthen my faith.  Praise be to God!  Amen. 

                                                                                                                                    Submitted by:  Morlyn Rennalls                                       


There came a time in my life that something was missing for a long time...  I had been thinking of becoming a Christian.  I had a leaning towards Christianity as a child.  Once my mind was made up, I r
ang our Minister – David and the rest is history.

It is such a pleasure walking down to Brixton Hill Church on Sunday morning.  The sense of belonging brings a glow to my heart.  Seeing the friendly faces.  How hard they must have worked to have the Church ready for the Sunday Service.

As I enter, I say a prayer;  ‘Lord Jesus, we the members are the Church, please keep us united and increase our congregation.  With such soulful music coming from the choir, what more would you want

 My thanks to the Minister for helping me to understand the bible and the prayer group on Sunday evenings, where one learns to respect other people’s point of view.

Submitted by:  Promela Rachhpal Singh



Our Harvest Service was led by Rev. Audrey Browne.  It was such a pleasure to see her as this was the first time she has been back to our Church since she became an accredited Minister.  The items received during our Harvest celebration went to our local Food bank who in turn sent a letter of thanks.

Thanks to Trevor for organising Black History month.  This year we had various topics which were quite informative such as Black statues and monuments in London, a visit to the birthplace of Martin Luther King by two of our members and an interview of the first black DJ at BBC to name a few.  There was also Film night – this was enjoyed by all who came and we plan to make it a quarterly event.  To celebrate our heritage, we also had Afro-Caribbean refreshments after each service which was well received.         

Submitted by:  Yvonne Less



This once in a life time experience for any believer, is truly humbling.  Nothing in the world can prepare you for what you see, feel and touch.  Reading Scriptures is enlightening but witnessing and actually touching the places our Lord touched, sit where he sat and walk where he walked thousands of years ago; moves you to bow in reverence.

Before we set off on our Pilgrimage; Rev Lena Ali briefed us about Israel, its security and their do's and dont's.  We led worship in pairs,  morning and evening.  This was a new and challenging experience for many.  Meals were Kosher and we were spoilt  for choice.

Our  experienced guide Jan, is an English lady who lives in Israel.   Our driver Halil, a Palestinian was a very patient driver.  We definitely appreciated their hospitality.  Jan's knowledge is exemplary and  thanks to  her;  our pilgrimage was memorable , enjoyable and spiritually uplifting. I also thank Rev Ali for organising the pilgrimage, she did a brilliant job. Jan and Rev Ali  make a good team; they have a good sense of humour and  helped us to relax because we felt safe in their hands.

In Bethlehem we visited  the Church of the Nativity and the stable where Jesus was born.  The stone entrance dates back to  time of Christ. I was excited; I had to touch it; as a connection to Christ.  We were moved to see the actual birth place, of our Lord and Saviour (the real spot no kidding!). This was a site to behold! I cannot believe I was looking and standing at the same spot where Jesus Christ my Lord was born in that manger.  All I could say was “Glory be to God, Holy is His name.” I placed my hand on the spot, closed my eyes and pictured him in my mind as a baby, so vulnerable yet so divine. 

Israel is a beautiful and peaceful country; full of hills, mountains and valleys.  In Jerusalem, the houses, hotels etc. are built with quarried brick called ‘Jerusalem Stone’. It made the whole city look like it was glistening. Despite the problems with Palestinians we noticed that all faiths lived together side by side in peace.

As a pilgrim (unlike a tourist) you reflect and feel Jesus' presence when you travel around all the places He went. We travelled by coach and still felt tired at the end of the day, He did it on foot, from Jerusalem to Jericho to Galilee to Jordan. Our Lord went on foot to nearly  all of the cities in Israel.  He preached good tidings, healed and performed miracles and truly deserves our  honour, glory and praise. We acknowledge  that He is  Divine. On the  Mount Olives where he ascended into heaven you can only imagine and fall on your knees to worship and meditate.  Another place that struck a chord with me was in Jericho where we saw a sycamore tree which is believed to be the one which Zacchaeus climbed. I  know that I would have done the same and  given anything to see Jesus and touch him personally.

I am richly blessed  to literally walk, see, touch, pray and even breathe the air that Jesus did. I am proud, happy and thankful that he has forgiven all of us for what we did to him. All in all it was a wonderful experience; spiritual, historical, momentous and unforgettable.  Praise the Lord.

We visited all the places on our Itinerary; each one creating a lasting impression and reminding us of all that Jesus endured for us from his Birth to his Crucifixion; his Resurrection and Ascension.  I was deeply moved by The Via Dolorosa (The Stations of the Cross); the Garden Tomb where we had a Holy Communion Service - this private garden belonged to Joseph of Arimathea.  We saw the tomb with two burial chambers.

The Tombs

On our boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, I was made the Captain for the day.  The sea was tranquil. We rejoiced and had fun singing and dancing.  At the  River Jordan where John baptised Jesus, some pilgrims reaffirmed their baptismal vows.  It was very personal but momentous.  On the Mount of the Transfiguration/Mount Tabor, where Peter saw Jesus, Moses and Elijah; it was sacred  and the Holy Spirit was moving in the air.

At the end of our Pilgrimage, we were all awarded Certificates; so officially, we are all JP's: Jerusalem Pilgrims.
       The Sea of Galilee



Image1: Golgotha: Place of the Skill    
Image2: Place where Peter saw a vision of Moses, Elijah & Jesus


Femi at the Wailing Wall
sticking prayers into the crevice   

Submitted by: Femi Popoola


In the last Church year, the children and Church congregation said a fond farewell to June, after more years than we care to count, as Sunday School Superintendent.

As the current post holder alongside Lorna, Morlyn, Elizabeth, and Suzan, we are continuing her work with an injection of a few new ideas.

A couple of the new ideas are consulting with Janet and making hopefully a seamless link between Sunday School and the YUW, also introducing Junior Mission for All and using some of their resources.

My observation is that the Sunday school numbers remain steady and to quote many of the children, they find Sunday school “fun” and they are learning much about “JESUS” (see Children & Youth page).

Submitted by: Sandra Taylor


As I write this, we are now on the second week of our Lent Course.  On our first week, we ‘rewinded’ history into the past.  Our ‘Journey into the Wilderness’ took us to a fascinating, challenging and I would say daring exploration.  We delve deeper in exploring other ‘faith’ views that differ from our Christian beliefs and in the process explored our own Christian belief – the thing that give us hope and clarity of our own Spiritual journey. 

Jesus endured temptation at the start of His Ministry and He sacrificed His life for us.  As we journey through Lent what sacrifices can we offer?

On our second week, we learned that different faith groups give their devotion to their prophets or saints to remember them as the ‘bearer of the word’.  The Jewish community remember God’s saving presence in the ‘Exodus’ experience.  

As Christians, how do we remember Christ’s self-giving sacrifice?  As we learned in  our Lent course, we remember Christ when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper – as He said to His disciples ‘Do this in remembrance of Me’ and we are included in this.  We continue to remember and enjoy the richness of God’s grace in Christ Jesus and we go on living securely in His divine love.

As we continue our Lenten journey, let us focus on Christ’s sacrifice – and may this be our time for reflection and spiritual renewal.

Submitted by: Kathy Rennalls





In gratitude to a wonderful couple who dedicated their lives and ministry to both Kings Acre & Brixton Hill, their presence is missed but we wish them a happy ever after... in Sussex.  

Henry and Pam Snelling were wed at Brixton Hill Methodist Church on 4 March 1961 by Rev. Thomas Drew.  They were members at Brixton Hill Methodist Church but formerly of King’s Acre Church before the merger.  Below is a short write-up of their life as related by Henry.

Pam & I grew up in South London and met through a group of Christian Youth Clubs which provided interesting and challenging activities for Young People.   The Clubs organised holidays each year which took us to different parts of the UK including Guernsey and abroad.  As well as having a wonderful time we both heard the good news about Jesus and became Christians. 

Pam was a member of the Crossroads Girls’ Club and I am a member of the South London Boys’ Club which met in Telferscot School.   We got engaged and married quite young.    We, in turn, became young leaders within the Youth Clubs.  John Lacey & I started a Boys’ Club in Lyham Road Methodist Mission (King’s Acre Church) and Pam with the others started a Girls’ Youth Club.    Permission was given by the Methodist Church to build a purpose-built Youth Centre on the vacant site next to the Church and the Clapham Youth Centre opened its doors to young people in 1965.  The Youth Centre celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015 and over 200 people attended, past and present and we were very grateful to the members of Brixton Hill Methodist Church for the food and music which they kindly donated.

We have been happily married for 55 years and have two daughters and between them they gave us four grandchildren (one girl and three boys).  We are hoping shortly to spend our latter years within a short distance of our daughter and family in East Sussex.   We will be close to the railway station and within easy reach of Brixton and hope to stay very much in touch with the Youth Club (we are Trustees) and Brixton Hill Methodist Church.   God has been very gracious to us over the years and the scripture verse we have treasured is Proverbs 3: 5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths”.