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The Fun Day was attended by the young people of the Circuit and some of the older, previous generation that met under the Youth United Worship banner.  Some of the activities involved a quiz involving world cup flags, football, a bouncy castle and gladiator wars.  Rev. Dr. Andy Lyons was present as was Bella from Tulse Hill Methodist Church.  It was a lovely hot day, perfect for some fun in the sunshine, in which fun was indeed experienced and was vibrant among those who participated.  The day was sectioned apart as the children were given opportunities to explore the various stations of activities across the field outside of Brixton Hill Methodist Church.  Activities spanned from morning to afternoon (around 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.), including a bouncy castle which excessively entertained the youth and was a challenge to keep them away from.  Furthermore, the youth had exercised their combat skills on an inflatable gladiator duel bouncy arena in which 2 designated teams had each member go up against the opposition in a battle.  The winner of the battle would win a point for their team in which the team with the most points would be exalted champions.  Different teams were selected for each activity, for instance, in the “World Cup Quiz” and the football challenges. As well as enjoyment, competition thrived in throughout the day as the youth were desperate to see success in their own teams.  A memorable example of this would be during the quiz – which was organised by Bella (Tulse Hill representative) –, in which a world cup participant country would be called out and the teams (one at a time) had to point to the correct flag of the stated country.  Spirit had burst out of the youth leading to exclaiming excitement which could be definitely heard by commuters outside of the Church. The day also grew in success from the football challenges which were organised.  This included a pass-and-shoot drill which inspired a great energy out of the youth and also sprinting races between the two teams aiding to the exuberance of the entire day.  What a Fun Day indeed!            

Submitted by:  Michael Adjei



“Lambeth Methodist Circuit is very excited about their new partnership with Ascension Trust on the 60/40 Project.  Kings Acre Church, Lyham Road will be the base used to facilitate the work of this project.
We believe there are a plethora of professionals and a wide range of experienced individuals within the Lambeth Circuit that would greatly benefit this project.  With the hopes of drawing on these experiences and expertise; we will be hosting a focus group for the 60/40 project in the near future.

We would love to hear from parents or individuals, professionals in the private or public sector, and anyone passionate about seeing the lives young people in the wider community of Lambeth impacted by the Church.

Please call Danielle Young on ‘02083302809’ or email her on   ‘’”




It was a week after Easter Praise, and there was hum of activity coming from Brixton Hill; the face painter had arrived, newspapers were dressing tables, chocolate was being melted, chairs were being piled high and reams and reams of worksheets were being placed all around the design stations.  The Church had been transformed.

The children of the Circuit were being gathered together for some fun and games, all in the name of Christ.  “Would anybody turn up?” was the question that was on everyone’s lips.  Within 20 mins the Church was buzzing with excitement as the young people came through the door expectantly.

The morning started with some a gentle competition, an egg and spoon race!!!

Despite a great start by Linford’s team, they were pegged back after a rule break, and lost the contest overall.

After the team bonding took place, there were a choice of activities available all based around Easter;  Worksheets, Easter chocolate nets, Colouring sheets, the Easter photo booth, Easter egg and a Treasure hunt.  There was also the opportunity to get some face or body painting done.  Linda our resident face painter was one of the stars of the event, here are some of her fabulous art work…

The event was very busy with both the young people and some of the adults getting stuck into the activities available.  A great time was had by all and we hope to see you again at  the  next event!!!




YUW is our Circuit’s group of Young People who meet together, regularly under the guidance of dedicated Youth leaders in our Circuit.  YUW usually meet fortnightly on Fridays - from 6:00 p.m. (see schedule of activites below) to have a bit of fun, unravel what it really means to be a Christian and what is God’s plan in our lives. Together we explore different topics affecting our faith to be able to cope in this changing and diverse society we currently live in, we also do group games and fun activites.  As we nourishes our Spiritual life for growth, we also have a large slice of of fun and relaxation to nourish our emotional and social needs.  Sounds fun???   Please come & join us!!!  






Space for Young People to enjoy a variety of activities, develop their   Faith and just relax together. 


For more information call or text Janet Oppong on 07941 677414.