Mostyn Road Methodist Church

Mostyn Road Methodist Church                             
Corner Mostyn Road & St. Lawrence Way
London SW9 6PH

Pastoral Oversight:  Rev. David Musgrave 
Sunday Worship:  11:00 a.m.
Near Bus Route:  3, 59, 159, 415
Direction:  See map below...







We are thankful to Rev. David’s time with us in Mostyn Road, as a lot had taken place during his Pastoral Charge over our Church family.  To name a few, we have a regular income coming in through the Music group’s rent and other one-off hall hires through the different organisations in the borough, we had the Robe’s Winter Shelter project which raised the Church’s profile within the community (hoping to continue this project with the Rev. Markay) and also some physical improvement in the Church.

The latest improvement was outside, in the car park area.  If you remember the March-May quarter of the Newsletter we cut that tree (photo above on the left) to carry out said improvement.  A few weeks ago Rev. David planted this bay tree and as he said  "Our new look: a newly planted bay tree will delight us for years to come."  As long as this bay tree lives, it will remind us of Rev. David, in a sense, this will be one of his legacies to Mostyn Road Methodist Church.

To Rev. David and his wife Sarah, it is with gratitude that we say thank you for your support, your encouragement and nurturing kindness.  May God continue to sustain you in His Love and Grace!



Dear Sisters and Brothers of Lambeth Circuit

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ!

As followers of Jesus Christ, we claim a rich heritage and an amazing connection.  Together we are stronger and able to accomplish a witness for Christ in the world that we live in.

Brothers and Sisters, this is my continual appreciation for your support throughout my Local Preachers Course, but especially I want to say thank you for your support during my Accreditation, thanks to the leadership of Clergy and Laity in each of our congregations.

Considering my initial struggle with the Local Preachers Course, it was your encouragement and guidance that took me through.  I shall continue to learn from all of you and will never cease to consider your advice and guidance.

We know our duty as Christians is not complete and God is calling us to continue to find ways to reach out to everyone in the world with the Good News.  Let us truly celebrate because it is possible when we trust and honour God the Father Almighty.

So again, let me say thank you!  Thanks for your commitment to the mission of "making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."  Thanks for your willingness to share the love of Christ. Thanks for your faithful witness!

It is my joy to share the ministry with you.  Be assured of my constant prayers for each and every one of you as you continue to shine the light of Jesus Christ!


Nana Dormon






                                       28 January                                       29 January                         

We have begun the planned improvements to the car park area.  Removal of the two maple trees will provide more parking spaces and lead to a general sprucing up of the outside of the Church.  This will be to the particular benefit of our community music tenants but also make our Church more inviting.  People around are finally realising that there is a Church here!



This Christian Christmas poem is a recipe for stress relief…

By Joanna Fuchs

Sometimes Christmas is just overwhelming, it seems,
As we rush around buying up stuff.
We spend without end, and we rack up those bills,
But it feels like it's never enough.

So this Christmas, let's all take a different approach:
Let's try to be more in accord
With God's Christmas gift, the best one of all--
Our sweet Jesus, our Saviour, our Lord.

We'll be gentle and patient, and loving and kind,
And we'll keep our priorities straight;
The gifts of the Spirit, the gifts of the heart
Are the ones that we'll all celebrate.

And our stress will decrease, and we'll feel more at peace,
As we decorate, package, and trim;
Our new Christmas will be a pure joy and delight,
As we try to be much more like Him.

As we prepare our hearts to celebrate Christmas, let us de-clutter everything that distracts  us from Jesus.  From us here at Mostyn Road, we wish you all, the true meaning this Christmas brings.  Have a joyful, stress-free Christmas!




It was my first time to join the Circuit Annual Pilgrimage and this year we went to Canterbury Cathedral in Kent.  As most of us already know it is one of the oldest and most famous Christian structure in England and I learned that since the Middle Ages it welcomed millions of visitors and pilgrims. 

We were divided into small groups and each was allocated a guide. Ours was very knowledgeable in sharing the history behind every corner of the Cathedral.  As we go around inside, I appreciated the beauty of the structural designs, the arches, the stained-glass windows which for me were mind-blowing.  I was so impressed when I saw the most astonishing paintings on the walls and ceiling and the sculptures.  I saw the room where Archbishop Thomas Beckett was murdered on 1170.  Everything was so fascinating and I would strongly recommend a visit there, ‘Go & See’ for yourselves.

Sometimes we hesitate to join our Circuit Annual Pilgrimages but I can assure you that I had a wonderful time and I am glad I joined them this year.  We even had an enjoyable time in the Coach with all the quizzes and games and to experience it with other Circuit Members is a fellowship on its own.     

Submitted by: Margaret Ofosu





Phoros Submitted by:  Femi Popoola



This year’s Pilgrimage to Israel (13-20 March) is my second time to join and every time I go I always feel so blessed. If my first Pilgrimage was Spiritually an ‘uplifting/elating’ experience, this time it’s a very different one that I couldn’t find words to describe it but simply an ‘Out of this World’ Spiritual journey.

The Israeli Marathon coincided with our visit, so changes to our Itinerary was unavoidable but I felt it was actually for the better as we got to ride a camel to the desert and visited the Tent of Abraham and the place where Jesus was tempted.  To see and walk in the places where Jesus walked was like actually walking with Him.  The written facts about Jesus  became a very vivid Spiritual reality for me - to tread the path where Jesus walked and lived was really amazing.

During my first visit to the Garden Tomb, I remembered the Guide telling us that “it was ‘believed’ that this was the tomb of Jesus” but now, after years of excavations, facts showed and confirmed that it was really the Garden Tomb owned by Joseph of Arimathea where Jesus was buried & rose from the dead.  Other places we visited were the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, and River Jordan where some members of our Tour Group decided to renew their commitment and were baptised here.  We also visited Solomon’s Temple and the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem where people wrote their prayer requests, fold it as tiny as possible and slip it into the cracks of the wall.  They believed that their prayers ascends to heaven from this wall, so thousands of people come here to pour out their hearts and tears at the Wailing Wall - they believe that God will answer their prayers. 

We also visited Bethlehem, Jesus’ birthplace.  When we arrived in Bethlehem, we had to change Tour Guide as according to our Guide someone who knows the place better will take over.  I just wondered!!!, as we heard lot of things about the situation in Bethlehem, like the sporadic and unpredictable attacks, stoning, firebombing, killing etc before.  Our visit was a lot nicer, peaceful and uneventful though, but to think that a community that used to live in peace and harmony is now a bit tainted with uncertainty, as more and more Christians are leaving Bethlehem.  The remaining 18 percent of the Christian population here has now diminished and dwindled to 1.5 % that’s why it’s extremely important  to join hands & hearts to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters not only in Bethlehem but all over the world.

This year’s Pilgrimage has deepened my knowledge and understanding of my Faith and strengthened it even more, so I encourage you all to join this Faith renewing experience and be blessed by it.  Given the chance, I will do this again next year – God willing…

Submitted by: Diana Aryeetey

It is a time of renewal at Mostyn Road.  After some difficult times, not least with an uncertain financial position, things are looking brighter and we are again looking outwards.  A new team of stewards was elected at our General Church Meeting in June and they are bringing new energies and skills to the Church’s leadership.  A new tenant is using our Church for their worship on Sunday afternons.  Word has got around about the availability of our premises and, since September 2016, South London Community Music are using our premises as their base and rehearsal space for three evenings a week.  If you hear music wafting out of the building on those evenings, you’ll be most welcome to pop your head inside.  The community, and particularly newcomers, have begun to notice us when the building is lit up on winter evenings!

An improved financial situation should also allow us to carry out some long-awaited improvements in the Church and outside.

We are also committed to a different kind of Outreach.  Through the dark nights of December and January we took part in the Robes Night Shelter Scheme, hosting around 20 homeless people for one night a week.  Volunteers of all kinds, from around the circuit but also from the wider community, helped to set up and clear up, to cook and serve evening meals and breakfast, as well as to sleep over.  Others made donations in cash and kind.  We are already looking forward to repeating this next winter.

In all this, we hope and pray that the light of God’s love will shine out into the gloom around.

Rev. David Musgrave


We at Mostyn Road felt privileged and blessed by hosting ROBE’s Winter Shelter Project for the Homeless this year.  Due to failing health I was not physically able to be there but had the chance to help on three occasions.  We are most grateful to all our brothers and sisters from different churches/places who willingly gave their time by volunteering to help and for the financial donations to make this project possible.  We also give thanks to Helen, Margaret, Cynthia and Richard for their presence and support.

This Project brought back memories during the time of Rev. Clifton when Mostyn and Railton joint efforts with St. Vincent Community Club in feeding the homeless.  Years on and we are still confronted with the same issue of homelessness.  With this Project, we as a Church were given a chance to refute this verse For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink” (Matthew 25: 42).  Helping in this project was very uplifting for me, it felt like doing a bit of what the Lord wants me to do - to love and care for others – For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in”.

May the Lord continue to bless us with opportunities to do His will.

Submitted by: Diana Aryeetey

When I volunteered to help with this Project, I didn’t know what to expect, but listening to them talked of the difficulties they’ve been through in life opened my eyes.  It didn’t occur to me before, that there are certain people in worst situation than me and that I was so lucky compared to them.  This Project made me more aware that I really need to offer my help and services to those in need and I am looking forward to help again next year.  To those of you who didn’t get the chance this year, may I encourage you to get involve next time – the joy of serving is inexplicable.

 Submitted by: Margaret Ofosu