Railton Road Methodist Church

Railton Road Methodist Church                                    141 Railton Road
London SW24 0LT

Pastoral Oversight: Rev. Andrew Dart
                                  Rev. Lena Ali

Sunday Service:  11:00 a.m. 
Sunday School:   11:00 a.m. (Junior Church)

Joint Bible Study (with Mostyn Road MC - led by Rev. L. Ali)
Monday - 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.  

On Bus Route:  322
Near Bus Route:  3, 37, 196, 690

Direction:  See map below...



An article entitled Buildings & Grounds Ministry highlighted how members dedicated their time and energy to the upkeep of their Church; with many, working diligently behind the scenes.  It reminded us that we are blessed at RRMC with numerous unsung heroes who share their Spiritual gifts to ensure that the Church looks great and works well.  In our Bible Study,  we studied  the  Gifts  of  the  Spirit   and  the Fruits of the Spirit and realised that these Gifts are not for our individual self-aggrandisement but for sharing with others. We must have the Fruit of the Spirit at work, if we want God to entrust us with the Gifts of the Spirit.  Thankfully, God has blessed us with a combination of opportunities  and gifts to suit our individual situation in life.

RRMC is a small close knit Church community. Our families have grown up together; we have faced challenges both in the life of the Church and in our private lives; but we are stronger because we are connected to each other.  Many of our elderly members are suffering from ill health and infirmities and it is sad to see those who were once very active now having to take a back seat due to ill health.

On the positive side, we are excited at the prospect of a new  Church and flats being developed on our site.  Discussions are  in the early stages and we have met with property developers  and listened to their proposals. The building like many of us is  old and with age and wear and tear, it needs constant repairs.  It is not exactly fit for purpose anymore. We may not all live to see the final results in the new Church but it will be there for the  enjoyment of future generations.  It will also help us to serve the community by providing accommodation which is a problem in the area.  RRMC has always been a community Church and hopefully with a new purpose built building we will be able to do more Outreach work.

Submitted by:  The Bible Study Group



I have been attending Railton Road Methodist Church since I was a baby.  My brother, sister and I were Christened and brought up at this Church.  My parents were married into the Church and my mother has served as a Vestry Steward.

Over the years we have seen many changes including members of my family, friends and Church members passing away, including my grandparents Enalyn and Herbert Davis.

I look forward to attending Church on Sundays.  I enjoy listening to the interesting bible stories, taking part in the readers’ rota, fund raising, seasonal and celebrated events.  This includes the support and encouragement from Reverend Ali, Mrs Shepherd, the Stewards and members of the Congregation.

As time has gone by the Congregation has been reduced due to illness, death of members and young people moving on in life, some of them having gone off to University.  I would like to see the Church grow with a diverse congregation and a variety of age groups.  I would also like to help raise the profile of our Church.  I believe we can achieve this by working more closely with local schools, colleges and community centres.  This would enable more people to be a part of our Church community; to help raise money for the Church and to help others who are less fortunate.

I pray for God’s divine intervention and continuous guidance, that one day our congregation will grow again.

God Bless you all

Submitted by: Savannah Davis (aged 12)



Railton is experiencing a small growth which we are thrilled and we will continue to reach out for that growth to continue and flourish. 

After the uplifting Inauguration Service (of the new Lambeth Circuit) held on the 4th of September at Lambeth Mission & St Mary’s Church for the merger of the two Circuits, we at Railton had a Family Summer outing to Bournemouth as arranged by Rev. Lena Ali.  This family outing was very well attended and we are just thankful to have a relaxing and joyous trip.  Even though it rained on this trip, that didn't dampen our spirit.  Some of us had the chance to have a quiet time and meditate in the beautiful Anglican Church in the city centre, some had the chance to contemplate and admire the beauty of the Cathedral's architecture, while some of us just sat down listening to the beat of the brass band, enjoying our fish & chips and ice cream.

Here at Railton we are really thankful and happy to know that the Rev. Lena Ali and our Superintendent Minister Rev. Andrew Dart will still be with us for another five years.  Long may they continue doing their good work.  We will support them along this journey including them in our prayers.

Submitted by: Edna Stevens 


Life for us at RRMC for the past year has been a mixture of joys and sorrows; we have shared good news, good times and sad news and sad times --- but together we have weathered the storm by the grace and mercy of which God has bestowed upon us.  As a Church family, we shared in the celebration of an All Age Carol Service, Christmas Service and our Covenant Service; all of which were well attended and spiritually uplifting.

The majority of us at RRMC are well advanced in years but we came here when our mothers’ milk was still on our faces.  I came to England from Jamaica in 1961.   Railton Road Methodist Church was already an established Methodist Church then, so my husband and I decided to join the Congregation one Sunday, along with our young children.  This was a special blessing for us at a time when black people were turned away from the main stream Churches and that was the reason why Pentecostal Churches were established in Britain.

Although I have seen numerous changes over the past 55 years; including standing outside the Church watching Brixton burn during the riots, I thank God that we at Railton have been truly blessed, both with Ministers and fellow Congregationalists.

May God continue to bless us all and hold us together and help us to support our present Superintendent Minister Rev. Andrew Dart and our Minister Rev.  Lena Ali as they do God’s work and minister to the flock at RRMC.  (Have an Open House – Hebrews 13:2)

With love to you all!                                                                

Submitted by: Daisy Ralph





Celebrating Internation Day @ Railton Road as a Church Family