Message from Rev. Andrew Dart


If you look carefully you can find signs like this one, made by some unknown hand, on the trees around Tooting Bec Common.  They form a trail of hope which you can explore during your exercise hour. Along with all those rainbows that children have placed in the windows of their homes these little signs have brought light and hope to what might otherwise be a grim time in our history.

We will shortly be celebrating Pentecost and then a week later, Trinity Sunday.  These will be yet more significant dates in the Christian calendar which we will be marking in Lockdown.  We will miss the joy of being together to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, but preachers might be secretly relieved not to have to write a sermon to explain the One God who is Three.  The writer, Richard Rohr, uses the image of a dance to describe the Trinity.  God dances with God’s self as the Creator and the Son and the Spirit work together in relationship to transform creation.  It is a dance, Rohr declares, to which we are invited for the Trinity is not a closed relationship but one in which we are also called to participate.

I like that image, for a dance is a creative and immersive activity.  I am hopeless at dancing but always grateful to those, with whom I am dancing, who graciously give me space to express myself – however badly.  The divine-dance, is one in which God invites us to come and be ourselves and yet also offer what we have so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

During this strange time of being Church without going to church we have learnt a new dance.  It has some unfamiliar steps and we have had to learn some new skills like video conferencing.  But thankfully this dance also has some old and well-loved steps as we have discovered that the good old telephone still has a special place in our life in community.  The dancing may be more challenging but at least in the privacy of our own homes we can’t tread on anyone else’s feet.

I hope that you are still dancing with God.  I hope that you are still noticing little signs of hope amidst the gloom.  I hope that the Spirit is still stirring you to do new things.  Most of all I hope that the day will come soon when we can all again, as God’s amazing people, dance together in the same place.

With my love and wishing you every blessing





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