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Message from Rev. Lena Ali

 Dear All

For many of us; 2020 is the year we will remember but wish to forget.  It has been fraught with crisis after crisis, despair, fear, anxiety and the outpouring of grief for loved ones who have died from natural causes, disasters, violence or the pandemic.  Sadly, no one goes through life without trauma and scars.

In the dramatized version of Charles Dickens classic: A Christmas Carol are scenes of Christmases blurred by human misery and death.  This depiction speaks of the reality that we experience sometime in life but despite these pains and tribulations, we have an uncanny zest for life because we have hope in God.  We are challenged to be faithful Christians filled with ‘Hope’ but we struggle to understand the concept of hope.  Joan Chittister tells us that hope is made of memories.  It is the recall of good in the past on which we base our expectations of good in the future, however bad the present.  We recall the memory of God’s promise to bring good out of evil and joy out of sadness and, consequently, give birth to new hope for the future.  The readings for the Advent season are filled with hope. 

Advent is a time to be more reflective, loving, peaceful and prayerful.  We begin the season with anticipation and expectation; followed by the season of fulfilment of the birth of the Christ child at Christmas.  

The First Christmas, from a human perspective was not the ideal Christmas because so many things had gone wrong with Mary and Joseph having to welcome the baby Jesus in a stable far away from home. From a divine perspective, however, it was the perfect Christmas; the Saviour of the world was born.

My thanks again to everyone; Church members, Rev. Dart and Shirley for your prayers, sympathy, love, encouragement after the death of my husband Kashaf.  I am eternally grateful.

May God shower His Richest Blessings on you and your loved ones this Christmas & the New Year!
Love & Peace to all




Amidst unprecedented circumstances that surrounds us this pandemic period, may this Christmas bring you loads of reasons to celebrate the birth of Christ. 

Have a blessed Christmas…