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Message from Rev. Lena Ali

For all Christians, the celebration of Lent, Holy Week and Easter has a unique significance as we commemorate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.  This year, it will be very different in a world which is turned upside-down by the coronavirus, which continues to wreak havoc in the lives of so many people.

Last year, I had to limit my movements and an Anglican Vicar sent me some resources which were invaluable during Holy Week and Easter Season.

It focussed on the Upper Room, Holy Week and Easter. The Upper Room was the place where the greatest drama in human history was played out; it was a place where jealously, betrayal and fear abound and how these were replaced with trust, service, healing, and hope.  For the disciples of Jesus, it was the place of the Last Supper.  The place where they encountered the Risen Christ.  The place where they welcomed the Holy Spirit, and the Church was born.

If we cannot go to church during Holy Week, we need to improvise.  Holy Week is exciting because it is not a passive celebration.  People are actively involved in the ceremonies for Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, Good Friday.  As we eat and drink, we can ask Jesus to transform our dining room into the Upper Room through the gift of his presence.  If we feel anxiety and fear, we can invite the Risen Christ to transform our own Upper Room into a sacred space through the gift of the Holy Spirit and of peace.

The two actions of Jesus during the Last Supper - the washing of the feet and the breaking of bread - is a ministry of service to one another around the kitchen table and more generally around our home.

On Easter Sunday, hold onto the promise of Easter, the promise of the resurrection, of death being conquered, of new life in Christ, of reconciliation with a loving God who cries with us in the pain and the brokenness.  The point of Easter is to see beyond the grave and celebrate the fact that God moved Christ beyond the Cross.  The Risen Lord is the source of all our courage, hope and love.

Alleluia – Christ has risen!  Alleluia!

I wish you all a Happy Easter.