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Message from Rev. Dr. Andrew Lyons

LMSM held their last service in the current church on Sunday 20th June.  After many years of trying to re-develop the building, contracts have finally been signed with Citygrove developers.  The new building's, expected to be completed in September 2023, will be a Whitbreads/Premier Inn and a new church/community centre.

During the fellowships time of exile, we will be meeting at Chandler Hall, on  Lambeth Walk (15 Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6DU) - just behind our site.

Over the next two years we will be discussing and planning the work that can be undertaken in the new church/community centre that will benefit the local community.  In line with our planning approval, we will be appointing a community worker in early 2023 who will be liaising with the local community to establish local needs.

Plans for the Lambeth Mission & St Mary's building in Lambeth Road with a new Methodist church and a 12-storey Whitbreads/Premier Inn hotel…


                                                    Before                                                                                                                After
The Plan on the right was designed by Kyson architects, includes a new church alongside the 12 storey Premier Inn...



Revd Dr Andy Lyons