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Covid Vaccine for over 70's


Catherine Flynn who addressed the Faiths Together in the Lambeth breakfast meeting shared the update re: Covid vaccination for over 70's in London ...

Head of Communications and Engagement - Lambeth
NHS South East London Clinical Commissioning Group
T: 07825 716451

On 3 February, NHS England (London region) announced changes to the way in which Londoners over the age of 70 can access their COVID vaccination, to ensure anyone over 70's can get their first COVID vaccination as soon as possible. 

If you haven’t been invited for your first COVID vaccine you can book at www.nhs.uk/book-a-coronavirus-vaccination/enter-your-name or phone 119 or contact their GP who could refer you to a vaccination centre/site.  You no longer need a letter from the NHS, just your date of birth and postcode or NHS number.  If there are no appointments, please try again another time or wait for the NHS to contact you.

GP practices will be sending out text messages to their patients, with these information....

  • Having a vaccine is the best way to protect you from coronavirus and will save thousands of lives.
  • If you are over 70 and haven’t yet been invited for your first COVID vaccine, you can now book by visiting www.nhs.uk/book-a-coronavirus-vaccination/enter-your-name or by calling 119 or contact your GP practice directly.  You no longer need a letter.
  • The national service allows you to book an appointment at a vaccination centre or community pharmacy but not at a GP practice. 

  • If going to a GP practice is your preference, please contact your GP directly who can refer you to a local primary care vaccination site.

  • We are continuing to follow the official advice and vaccinating those most at risk first.

  • There are now more than 200 sites across London providing the lifesaving vaccination, and more are going live all the time.