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Robes Winter Shelter

The Robes Winter Homeless Project is alive and well and is need of our help!  This year, due to Covid, we are unable to offer dormitory-style housing for people experiencing homelessness, as we have in past years.  In addition to serving a hot lunch on Tuesdays, The Robes Project will be hosting 18 guests in a hostel in Canary Wharf.  (Their goal is to help 50 people move from homelessness to housing this year.) 

Robes has asked for host-sites to bring various items to this location throughout the winter.  The Lambeth Circuit has volunteered to collect items for a delivery to the hostel on the 3rd of December.  The guests will be presented with a food parcel and extra items that they may need.   Are you able to help by bringing these items to Brixton Hill Methodist Church before the 3rd of December?   Please contact Kristin Markay with questions concerning drop-off and donations: 07935 569004.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shower gel, Soap, Face & Body Creams,                                                            
Lip balm, Tissues, Shaving gel, Multi-pack razors, Plasters                              

Hats, scarves, gloves, Socks size 9-12, White or Black t-shirts,
Underwear (medium or large)                                                                                        

Playing cards, Magazines, Note pad with pens or pencils,
Colouring books

Dried fruit, Biscuits (nut-free), Granola bars, Chocolate bars,
Long-life skimmed milk, Fruit juice