Tulse Hill Methodist Church

Tulse Hill Methodist Church                                      
138 Christchurch Road 
London SW2 3DQ

Pastoral Oversight:    Rev. Andrew Dart

Sunday Worship:    10:30 a.m.

Junior Church:         10:30 a.m.

Thursday:                     7:00 p.m.  Choir Practice

On Bus Routes:        2, 201, 415, 432, 689, 690, P13

Direction:                    See map below...




The spread of the new Covid-19 virus has kept the members of Tulse Hill Methodist Church locked indoors, but we continue to worship from our homes as a community.  Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. the Tulse Hill congregation gather in their respective homes and commence a service that has been prepared by the preachers who would have been responsible for the service on that given week.  Hope is a prevalent theme in the community as members of the Church look forward to seeing each other again and having a proper service.  The feeling of togetherness is a significant part of Tulse Hill Methodist Church and it is still a strong presence as we worship from home.  Prayers for each other and the rest of the Circuit continue to thrive as we acknowledge the struggles that this time of lockdown can bring onto a person.  At Tulse Hill Methodist Church we realize that as easy as we can think this lockdown is a burden on our livelihoods, we can also choose to view it as an opportunity to get closer to God and strengthen our faith in Him.  Faith is recognized as an important thing in the Tulse Hill community as talks with the members all highlight their hope and trust in God to deliver to us a time of security and wellness again.  Tulse Hill look forward to worshipping together again but in the meantime worshipping from homes is treated as a new adventure; one to help tremendously build our relationships with God.

Recently, members of the Church had entertained a zoom meeting with one another, to catch up on how people were getting along under these new circumstances.  There was positive feedback as people were saying that they were mostly coping well whilst being on lockdown.  During the zoom meeting, prayers were shared by Rev. Andrew Dart and others as well as scriptures being read by individuals on the call.  The zoom meeting was also used as a time to reflect on and address the challenges that those participating in the meeting were facing during this time.  Members would say that they were delighted to see one another again and are looking forward to when the next zoom meeting/call will next take place.

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