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On July 20th a full coachload of Pilgrims from the Circuit set off for our day trip to Bath. As we drove westwards in the capable hands of our lovely driver the weather brightened and our spirits lifted.  We had a little emergency when one of our number got stuck in his seat when the seatbelt jammed but after the driver freed him we continued on our way feeling very much like “our chains fell off” and looking forward to a wonderful day together.

Many of our number had not been to Bath before and were soon gazing at the beautiful honey coloured Georgian architecture as we drove into the City Centre and our drop off point close to the Abbey.  We were there in time for lunch and we soon set-off in different directions to find some lunch and visit the City’s many lovely shops and attractions.  In the afternoon we gathered at Bath Abbey for our guided tour and in three separate groups we went inside.  We had to don hard hats and hi-viz jackets, because this was a tour with a difference!  The abbey was part way through a £20 million-pound project to rebuild the ancient floor which over the centuries had dropped and become uneven.  We went behind closed doors to see part of the Abbey where the floor had been lifted (along with the remains of 7,000 people buried underneath!).  We saw how the foundations were being dug out and replaced with state-of-the-art underfloor heating powered by the natural hot springs under the City.  We then went outside to the stonemason’s yard where the thousands of flagstones, many containing inscriptions and memorials to the dead, were being painstakingly restored.  The tour was really fascinating, and we learned a lot about the Abbey’s history as well as its present role as a Parish Church and a place of witness and spirituality.


We finished the day in Bath with a visit to the Rev. David and Sarah Musgrave.  We wondered what their neighbours must have thought as a giant Coach parked outside their house and 54 people turned up for tea!  Their house is on a hill with beautiful views over Bath (see photo above) and their garden was absolutely enormous so there was plenty of room for us to enjoy our tea and cakes and hear all about their life in retirement.  It was lovely to see them again looking so relaxed and happy.                                                  


Sadly, it was soon time to set out on our journey home but the drive back to London was full of laughter, thanks to the raffle, quiz and bingo games that Shirley had prepared for us.  Everyone had a wonderful day out and even before we arrived back at Brixton Hill, we are already asking ourselves – where shall we go next year?!   Watch this space!!!