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Looking back, in September 2012 the six Churches of Brixton & Streatham Circuits came together as one Circuit and then, with the subsequent merger between Brixton Hill Methodist Church and Kings Acre Methodist Church our number was reduced to five…
Churches (see below):                                                          Pastoral Oversight:

  • Brixton Hill Methodist Church                         Rev. Kristin Markay
  • Mostyn Road Methodist Church                     Rev. Kristin Markay   
  • Railton Road Methodist Church                      Rev. Andy Dart/Rev. Lena Ali
  • Streatham Methodist Church                           Rev. Andy Dart
  • Tulse Hill Methodist Church                              Rev. Andy Dart

Another significant change in September (2016) was the merger between Brixton & Streatham Circuit and North Lambeth Circuit which is now known as' Lambeth Circuit'.  The highlight of this significant event in the life of our Circuit was the Inaugural Service held on Saturday - 04 September 2016 (4:00 p.m. ) at the Lambeth Mission & St. Mary's (3-5 Lambeth Road, London SE1 7DQ) with Rev. Jenny Impey as Guest Preacher.   Below are the two additional Churches in this merger:

  • Lambeth Mission & St. Mary's                           Rev. Dr. Andy Lyon
  • Vauxhall Mission                                                       Rev. Dr. Andy Lyon (this is currently close now)

The Vision in the 80’s was to have a ‘Lambeth Circuit’ in this area, and through a lot of prayers and hard work we managed to officially merged with Lambeth Mission in 2016. 

For now, we are actively working in partnership with Citizens, Community Land Trust, Refugee Welcome Committee, Lambeth Inter-Faith Network, Robes Winter Shelter etc which raised awareness on the visibility and presence of the Methodist Community within the Local Authority and the Borough.

Due to the current trend of gentrification all over London, we are facing new and exciting challenges of expansion and development and we embrace the opportunities to thrive and move forward to secure a better legacy for our next generation. We, the Church of today - celebrate that!



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